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Pocomoke River Bass Fishing

This is the best Eastern Shore river and our most requested by far. On many weekday charters we don't see another boat all day. The spatterdock pad fields and the huge cypress trees line the river and birds and wildlife are everywhere. Sometimes we see deer swimming across the river and eagles, osprey and blue heron are abundant. This river has everything a fisherman could want. There are pads, cypress trees, flats, drops and loads of stump fields. The spawning areas are a bit unusual but well worth learning. Tournament fisherman and weekend anglers alike find spending a day with us greatly improves their fishing here. Read more about Pocomoke River Bass Fishing.

Wicomico River Bass Fishing

This river fishes a little different than most on the Eastern Shore. There are a lot of docks, pads and drop offs but water color usually determines how far down river you can fish. The fishing is so good here you could launch your boat and fish all day without starting the outboard. The spawn is always great fishing on the Wicomico with very reliable areas producing year after year. Nanticoke River tournament fisherman often make the forty-five minute run out of the Nanticoke and into the Wicomico to gain an edge on the competition.

Nanticoke River Bass Fishing

This river fishes very big so we usually target Broad Creek, Seaford / Main River or Marshy Hope Creek. All three are excellent but tide and seasonal patterns can make a big difference. Like most Eastern Shore Rivers, the last half of the falling tide and the first of the incoming tide is best. Many of the small creeks can be hot spots at times. There are several old, sunken wrecks that hold fish on the Nanticoke and during summer the pads are always good.

Choptank River Bass Fishing

The Choptank has good quality Bass but usually a tougher bite than the other rivers. Learning when to be where is important on all rivers but critical here. Some pad lines are fantastic if bait fish are present. This river takes time to master and hopefully the stocking program will energize this fishery. The major tributary is the Tuckahoe Creek. This fishes like a whole separate river with lots of wood that you can't see. Water color can be a problem in this creek at times.

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